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​​and I am a mother, entrepreneur and network marketer. I am passionate about building a successful home based business and helping others do the same.


Hi! My name is

Cheryl Coco


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​I help AWESOME people navigate the crazy world of social media and marketing. 

My Superpower: I do all of this with 3 children. I can go from crayon enthusiast to social media expert and marketer as fast as a speeding bullet. 

I believe that these are the Super Women of the 21st Century and I am here to help you find your superpower. 

If you want to stop chasing people, expand your network, understand the ins and outs of social media marketing, have access to great training and build a successful home based business with me, be sure to connect with me

Home based businesses are not just a hobby, they are a way of life and the dreams of many. I am here to help you make those dreams come true.

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