"Direct Sales and Network Marketing are relatively in their infancy here in the United Kingdom so help and support are also limited. Positivity seems to translate as being overly nice and avoiding the tough talks. I stumbled onto one of #JerseyGirl videos and instantly felt connection. She speaks my language. No ifs, ands, buts or maybe's Cheryl has the info, the knowledge and the tough love that is required to make a success of yourself personally and/or professionally. I would happily consider Cheryl a friend and a mentor as she has gotten to the heart of the problem and given a straightforward answer only the was #JerseyGirl can. 

                           ~ Steph Lashes Pugh, Mexborough, United Kingdom

"Cheryl Coco... where do I begin? I met Cheryl a few years ago when we were both freshman in marketing. She defines "leader" as putting others needs ahead of hers. Always available to help and assist anyone! Wait! You better be ready for REAL because this amazing lady is the "real deal" and doesn't sugar coat anything. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired... ready to step out of your comfort zone this #JerseyGirl will take you there, because she see's possibilities in everyone."

                           ~ Paul Moore #LimitlessPaul , Ontario, Canada

​​and I am a mother, entrepreneur and network marketer. I am passionate about building a successful home based business and helping others do the same.

"Cheryl Coco is an inspiring leader who coaches individuals on the best methods of growing not only their business networks and acumen but also themselves. She's a fierce woman on a mission and isn't afraid to issue or tackle any challenge. She keeps things genuine and real. Her love of marketing and sharing what she's learned has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. She is a true pacesetter!"


                           ~ Jeannine Bearce #MarylandMama, Maryland, USA

​Danny Rivera, Florida, USA

"I met Cheryl two months ago and she has taught me so much in such little time. I am so grateful we have crossed paths. She is not afraid of a challenge and she is always there to help me or other people. She believed in me when no one else did. Cheryl is a great person and the best leader. The world needs more leaders and people like her." 

                           ~ Laura Ojeda, California,  USA


"Where do I begin? Cheryl Coco has become a good friend of mine. She is one of the most honest and hardworking women I know. I've followed her for quite some time now. If you want the un-sugar coated truth, listen to her. She moves mountains to get what she wants, and will help anyone she can. I made a huge mistake one day because I didn't know any better within seconds of me posting it she sent me a message, "let's chat". After talking to her on the phone for half an hour I had made more money with my company than I had in a year. Follow her, listen and watch. She know's what she's talking about. Love ya #JerseyGirl

                           ~ Rachel Kent , Pennsylvania, USA

"I have been blessed to have Cheryl Coco as a friend. She has made a huge difference in my life and is one of the main reasons why I decided to give network marketing a try. Not only is Cheryl a wonderful human being, she is knowledgeable with regards to network marketing. I recommend Cheryl Coco 110%." 

                           ~ Sherry Gallinger Hunt, Ontario, Canada 

"Cheryl is the kind of person to trust, she has power of greatness and I say this not only for her success story, but for pulling as many people as she can. A true leader, an amazing woman. I thank God for her existence, I've learned so much with her, about me (isn't that crazy?) but this is who she is, she shows you the path to be your better self and never let you go. Thank you Coco! 

                             ~ Denny GS, Acapulco, Mexico

Hi! My name is

"Mum - Networker - YouTuber - Periscoper are all "labels" which tells us what she does and where we can find her - but - in my experience Cheryl is a woman of passion. She has a real fire in her, a real deep seated passion to show all who care to listen, just what they are capable of and how they can make it happen... I have always been inspired by Cheryl's cander - she keep everything real; honest and direct. You want success - if you're willing to put in the hours - she is willing to show you the way. She always has time for those genuinely eager to learn and grow! Does not matter if you are with her business or another. Marketing is her passion and she is willing to share her knowledge far and wide. Cheryl is the true spirit of networker. Thank you for your friendship, support and encouragement." 

                           ~ Sonja Kirkels, Queensland,  Australia

Cheryl Coco